Tofino Brewing Cosmic Wave Double IPA 4 pack Cans


ABV: Deposit: .40

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Tofino Brewery has released something a little stronger than their usual fare of beers with the Cosmic Wave Double IPA. At 9% this beer pours with three fingers of heavily lacing head above an amber coloured ale. The smell coming off this beer is lightly boozy with notes of citrus and passion fruit along side a pine-hop bitterness. The Cosmic Wave has a slightly oily texture and starts off with a smooth, lightly citrus flavour with a touch of the passion fruit from the smell. The hop bitterness grows slowly at the start before finishing in a pine-hop strength. The finish is mostly hop with a touch of booze. For being 9% this Double IPA is surprisingly smooth and easy to drink. This is an excellent example of a quality west coast double IPA

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