He Is Risen: 3 Wines That Could Bring Someone Back To Life This Easter

He Is Risen: 3 Wines That Could Bring Someone Back To Life This Easter

Easter is a time of year that can raise many existential questions for both the devout and non-believers alike. For example, serious matters like, did Jesus really come back from the dead after three days in a tomb? Did he really rise up to heaven like a hot air balloon? More light-hearted inquiries may be related to possible conspiracies surrounding the parentage of the Easter Bunny and why he often can be seen driving windowless white cargo vans around town. Or perhaps the conundrum of the chocolate eggs: who is really laying these little nuggets? Could they be the seasonal product of the great brown Jersey Cow? Are rabbits around the world stealing these from unsuspecting chocolate milk-chugging quails? We may never know for sure.


It’s enough to drive a person to drink. Which is where TAG’s Certified Drunken Sommelier® Steven Lane comes in. 

Steven has been generous to take a short break from the sauce to share with us 3 wines that are capable of raising the dead this Easter. It should be noted for legal purposes that if Auntie Karen does begin choking on a rather large and dry portion of stuffing, that appropriate first-aid should be performed while paramedics are dialled: do not simply pour her a splash of Pinot Noir and hope for the best. 

Without further ado, check out www.TagLiquorStores.com to get the following wines along with many more Easter selections shipped directly to your door in advance of this year’s festivities:

1. Mission Hill Reserve Pinot Gris - $26.95

2. The Ned Pinot Noir - $25.90

3. Hester Creek Cabernet Merlot 3L - $49.20


1. A Quaff of Pedigree: Mission Hill Reserve Pinot Gris 

There’s something romantic about the consummate host spending all day in the kitchen preparing a festive meal for a large group of ornery family members. The romance comes in the fact that by resigning oneself to the kitchen in “service” of others, one is free to consume wine at their own pace without the clinging judgment of anyone else. As a noted home gourmand, Certified Drunken Sommelier® Steven Lane chooses Mission Hill Reserve Pinot Gris as his quaffer of choice. Elegant, full-flavoured, and chillable, all without being too precious to deglaze the gravy pan with and add a je-ne-sais-quois to the fixings. If Cate Blanchett ever spent time in a kitchen, this is surely what she’d be glugging. 


2. The Promise of Spring: The Ned Pinot Noir

Though the lay people may be busy at Sunday mass enjoying hors d’oeuvres of blood & flesh (read: wafers & plonk brandy), you’re still preparing turkey or ham or something of the sort (did we ever think of serving the Easter Bunny himself? We love a good rabbit!). Fortunately, whether your main for the feast consists of bird, swine, or a wascawy-wabbit, a juicy, spring berry-laden, silky Pinot Noir like The Ned from New Zealand will hit the mark. This wine possesses tannins that glide along the palate like Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir on the ice, back when we still thought they might have a chance at ending up in the sack together (they totally did…at least once), making it perfect for lighter meats and a variety of accompaniments.


3. The Juggernaut: Hester Creek Cabernet Merlot 3L Box

Gone are the days when box-wine was but a means to a buzz for non-discerning winos. At the present day, fancy folks just like you and me are able to enjoy premium quality wine from around the world in the friendly and efficient bag-in-box format. This selection from Okanagan favourite Hester Creek is a rich, smooth, and full-flavoured red with satisfying red and black fruit flavours and warm earthy tones. And because of the format (equivalent to 4 standard bottles), nobody can ever know exactly how much you’ve consumed. Need another splash? Take a pull from the tap. It almost feels like there’s an endless supply of wine in there, which to boot, will last up to a month if you’re the slow-and-steady sipper type. Serious wine for a price that works out to $12.50 a bottle, you can enjoy great value yourself and still take the edge off of Uncle Ron’s opinions with a generous pour that will calm him right down and get him off your proverbial tits. 

Well, folks, it’s Easter time. It’s family time. And if it’s not gonna be Miller Time®, let’s make it wine time. 

Shop our curated Easter wine selections now at www.TagLiquorStores.com.

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