Wine Pairing


When it comes to pairing food with alcohol, the most important thing to keep in mind is to eat and drink what you love. The pairing tips provided by our Burnaby Wine Stores are a general guideline for enhancing your dining experience. It’s ultimately a matter of personal taste and we hope you discover something new along the way.

Pairing Tips

Balancing Weight with Flavour Intensity

The body of the wine should match the weight of the food so that flavours don’t overpower each other. Delicate white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay pair well with light seafood such as sole and scallops. Likewise, a full-bodied Malbec or Shiraz enhances a hearty prime rib steak. Choose from our Delta Liquor Store’s vast selection of VQA and imported wines for your next dinner party.

Sweet Foods Love Sweet Wine

Sweet wines such as port and ice wine are excellent desserts on their own. If you’d like to pair them with food, ice wine goes nicely with fruit and apple-based desserts, while port is a good accompaniment for dense cakes and chocolate. Visit our Ladner liquor store to pick up some dessert wine.

Savoury Food Pairings

Sweet wine also pairs beautifully with savoury foods. Nuts and strong cheeses suit the richness of port, while the acidity of a German Riesling balances the saltiness of oysters and olives. The staff at our Maple Ridge liquor store can help you make the perfect sweet and salty pairing.

A Little Bubbly Goes with Everything

Sparkling wine pairs well with all foods because of its variety of styles. Available dry, sweet, and everything in between, you can be sure there’s a sparkling wine that will complement what you’re eating. Our New Westminster fine wines stock a large selection of sparkling wine, as well as Champagne if you’re in the mood to splurge.