Let’s face it. You’re broke. Two straight years of pandemic. Fires. Floods. Gifts for all your loved ones. A fortune spent on masks, sanitizer, and hoarding toilet paper. Housing prices that could make you literal royalty anywhere else. 


Or maybe, you just spent your last couple of bitcoins on a shiny new NFT. Suit yourself.


Whatever the cause of your broke-ness this year, it’s still possible to celebrate the turn of 2020/2021 (I’m counting them as one year…) into the next realm of the apocalypse with a wee splash of bublé. Bublé. It’s French for bubbly.


Speaking of the French, it’s high time we finally eschewed that expensive sparkling wine they’ve been touting for centuries. Champagne. Yes, we know that it’s only “Champagne” if it’s from Champagne. And guess what? We’re tired of it. After all these years, it’s quite clear to us that we’ve simply been getting ripped off.


Fortunately, our I’m-not-perverted-I’m-just-Italian pals a little further south have just the thing to ease our troubles. It’s this lovely, fruity, and bubbly thing called Prosecco. And it’s wonderful. Gone are the days of pretending to enjoy that tart, dry-as-a-popcorn-fart, yeasty crap they make in France. It’s time we enjoyed something that was made for the people. Real people, like you and me. 


That’s where Prosecco comes in. 


C’mon, who is so precious to actually get offended by adding a little orange juice to the mix when you pop the bubbles at 9am? Not Prosecco, that’s who. Did you ever hear of Vodka or Gin getting offended when Granny Mae added a little OJ to either one of them? I didn’t think so. 


So, even though both Cuomo brothers are probably drowning in it at the moment, do yourself a favour and grab yourself a bottle (or six) of tasty Prosecco from this list that Certified Drunken Sommelier™ Steven Lane was kind enough to put together for us. 


Better yet, order them online for delivery at www.tagliquorstores.com.


La Marca Prosecco $22.40 ON SALE


Villa Teresa Organic Prosecco $26.15


Bottega Prosecco $21.65


La Marca Prosecco Rosé $24.45 ON SALE


Bottega Gold Prosecco $34.06 ON SALE


Order your Prosecco now!


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