Wine Glossary

Interested in becoming a Wine Expert? Take our Vino 101 class by mastering the various wine terms in our comprehensive glossary below. 

The tart quality in wine that gives a sense of body and structure

A principal element in wine that contributes to its body and texture

Occurs when there is a harmonious relationship between the three basic desirable elements in a wine: acidity, fruit and tannins

The overall weight or texture of wine. It’s often referred to as “light-bodied,” “medium-bodied,” or “full-bodied”.

The complex aromas that have matured in fine wines

The final taste or impression that a wine leaves in your mouth

The streams of liquid that run down the inside of a wine glass after swirling or sipping

The overall smell of a wine

The scent and taste of wine that has been aged in oak casks or barrels. Depending on the age of the oak, it can impart flavours of toasted vanilla or soft fruity oak.

A naturally occurring element in wine extracted from the grape’s skin, seeds and stems. Most prominent in red wine, tannins are astringent in young wine but soften as the wine ages.

The year the grapes were harvested for making wine