FAQs about Wine



Our Frequently Asked Questions offer excellent advice, tasting tips and answers to all your wine questions!

Temperatures centred around 13 degrees Celsius is optimal for storing all types of wine.

Letting wine “breathe” means exposing it to oxygen before drinking. You can do this by pouring the whole bottle into a decanter and letting it sit. This is most common for red wines and can make the wine smoother, more aromatic and less tannic.

Wine gets its color by from the grape juice’s contact with the skins during fermentation. White wine is made when the juice is separated from the skin before fermentation. Rose or blush wine is made when the skins are in contact with the wine for a short period of time. Finally, red wine gets its dark colour from being in contact with the skins of dark-coloured grapes for an extended period of time.

VQA stands for Vintners Quality Alliance. The BC VQA designation is a guarantee that you’re purchasing 100% BC wine and is a symbol of quality wine.

On average, one standard 750ml bottle will yield 4-5 glasses of wine.