He Said Yes!

He Said Yes!


He said Yes!


The other day a notification popped up on our social media page that said we had an unread message. When we went to read it we were expecting the usual. Do you have this product in stock, how long does shipping take, where are you located etc…But this time it was different. It was from a customer named Alex who had placed an order all the way from New Zealand! He wanted to know if it was possible for us to write and send a handwritten note with his order to one of his best mates. He wanted the note to say,

"Will you be my Groomsman? 

12.03.22 Queenstown.



When we read this request we thought, wow, that is so awesome. Of course we could do that! We were so excited about this that we shared it immediately with 4 of our team members. They too thought it was an awesome idea. After the bottle and note were delivered we were obviously curious and couldn't just leave it at that. We reached out to Alex to see what the outcome was and to hear more about why a guy from New Zealand was asking a guy in Canada to be his Groomsman. There had to be more to that story and we needed to know! We sent Alex a message through Facebook and he said that everything had gone  perfect. His mate Jay had accepted his request to be his upcoming Groomsman!


How did Alex and Jay know each other you might wonder....we were wondering that too! Well here is the story:


Alex and Jay were both originally from a small town called Albury in Australia - a few hours drive from Melbourne. The two got to know each other through playing soccer and it's been a strong friendship ever since. 

Five years ago the two of them took a life changing overseas trip that saw them travel through Mexico and South America. Many great memories were made and without getting into too much detail lets just say that their love for tequila grew! But that wasn't the only love that grew on that trip. This is where Alex fell in love with his future fiancé Jen. A girl from New Zealand. Yes you read that correct. Jen was from New Zealand! So Alex from Australia met Jen from New Zealand in MEXICO! Someone really should've told them that they were a lot closer to each other on the other side of the world!


A few years on Alex and Jen are engaged and both live in New Zealand. Jay has  also left Australia for a new home in Canada where he too has found love. Despite living on opposite sides of the world, Alex and Jay have remained great mates. Alex and Jen are planning their upcoming wedding to take place next year.


 Alex searched for the perfect gift to send Jay but had a hard time finding the right thing. That's where we come in! He came across Tag Delivery and found exactly what he needed. Not just that any day gift, but the gift that came from the heart. One, that once opened will reignite all of those memories the two shared together on their holiday. A top shelf bottle of Patron Silver! It seemed to do the trick, and Jay said Yes! 


All of us at TAG Liquor stores are so happy for you. Hopefully Jay will be able to travel to New Zealand next year to be part of your special day and enjoy a great bottle of tequila together in person.


Congratulations Alex on not one but two successful proposals.

Cheers to a great friendship over great tequila!


To some of you this may just be another story that you read online but to us it means much more. At Tag Delivery, any chance we can get to know our customers better and hear their stories or even help out in the smallest way, we will always take that opportunity. We appreciate you all and look forward to hearing your story next!

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