How To Love Someone (Even Yourself) With Wine This Valentine’s Day

How To Love Someone (Even Yourself) With Wine This Valentine’s Day

Love. It’s what binds us all together. Though often unrequited and occasionally the cause of unwanted advances, love is the essence of humanity that keeps many people wondering: is this person going to leave me on read forever? 


This is where wine comes in. Yes, Valentine’s Day is perhaps neck-and-neck with St. Patrick’s Day for the phoniest of excuses to drink, but it’s an opportunity to buy some expensive wine and share them with your partner (or your imaginary one) before getting into an argument about whose turn it was to unload the dishwasher. 

Ready for little love buzz? TAG Liquor Stores’ resident drunken sommelier Steven Lane is here with the scoop on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your beloved one, your crush, your stalker, or even an extended surf on the Sports Illustrated™ Swimsuit website by yourself. No judgement here. 


1. The Gift


Is Valentine’s Day an obligatory gift-giving occasion if you’re one of those folks unlucky enough to be hitched to the love of your life? You bet your ass it is. And let me tell ya, sunshine, when you’re planning the perfect night for your significant-pain-in-the-ass, you best be slapping a few crisp bills down for a bottle that you’ll remember. That can mean one thing and one thing only: a bottle of Cakebread Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon. Rich, smooth, unctuous fruit character and velvety undertones of dark chocolate and spice, along with just a hint of “tonight’s the night”-- it’s that special occasion bottle that you need to lock down the best sex you’ve had since…well, it’s OK if you can’t remember when the last time was. 


The best part is that you can pick this puppy up with SAVINGS of $44.95 (!) at select TAG Liquor Store locations in advance of the big day. Don’t forget the naughty-shaped chocolate truffles to make it a complete grand slam.


2. The Celebration


For some, V-Day is simply about blowing off a little steam with their girlfriends (we’re quite certain that the fellas just don’t do this on V-Day), complete with take-out, a Sex In The City marathon, and a lingerie-themed pyjama party. Not that us guys wouldn’t show up if we were invited. What you need here is a something rather prickly to replace the lack of you-know-what at this so-called ladies night. It’s time to call in the Italian Stallion, and no, we don’t mean Luigi from the local Chippendales outfit. We’re talking about none other than Mionetto Prosecco, the fizzy & fruity banger to keep things feeling as bubbly as you want them to be. Come on…a little sweet & sour pork, a bottle of bubs, and some drooling over Mr. Big with the gals? It’s on.


Grab a bottle of Mionetto Prosecco for online delivery at where it’s currently on sale for a paltry $22.95. Even Steve the bartender boyfriend guy from Sex In The City can afford it. 


3. The Solo Mission


Well, here we are, single in the age of COVID. And it doesn’t look like that’s gonna be changing come February 14th. In this case, it helps to treat yourself to something nice to help ease the pain that perpetual loneliness can often bring. First, you want to load up on chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Secondly, even though it’s been proven by this pretentious sommelier over here and that d-bag wine guy over there that chocolate and wine actually don’t mix that well, we. just. don’t. care. We’re doing it. To keep the vibes romantic and get yourself in the mood for whatever it is you do in your personal time, go with the Matua Rosé. Notes of strawberry. Peach. Citrus. This wine almost makes you feel like Bruno Mars just walked into the room and serenaded you until your clothes fell off. A bottle of this alongside some chocolate-covered berries and When Harry Met Sally or your favourite rom-com, and you’ll be glad that you’re still single. Plus, you can’t have an argument about the toilet seat with yourself, right? 


Grab a bottle of Matua Rosé for you or your imaginary crush at its everyday low price of $21.50 at

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