Our Wine Guy Makes The Perfect BeerGarita (and some TACOS!)

Our Wine Guy Makes The Perfect BeerGarita (and some TACOS!)


First, there was chipotle mayo. Then, we entered the aged of mayochup (really?). And we’ve only just stopped reeling from the Buffaranch scare of March 2021. But fear no more, folks, because there are in fact two things in this world that go together better than peanut butter and jalapeños:


The beer & the margarita. 


For those of you out there who have yet to hear of this deft combination, hang on to your hats, because this sacred union may be the greatest human creation since the the fateful invention of the PopTart™, which blew the back of our heads right off. 


You see, it all started for me at a local Hooter’s (no lie) somewhere in the doldrums of Arizona a few years back. The honey and I were but weary travellers, seeking nourishment, scenery, and a little refreshment. After having an ice-cold, supersize pint promptly served to me by a friendly gal named Veronica, my purdy lil’ sidekick who I called Darlene had a large goblet with a radioactive green glow seemingly being generated from inside the glass. 


Needless to say, beer was slowly and surely added to said radioactive liquid posing as margarita in an attempt to make the beverage at least somewhat potable. And the idea for the BeerGarita was hatched. 


To get down to brass tacks, there are a few key steps to perfecting this cocktail in order to help you cool off during this heatwave. Step number zero would be to get over to www.tagdelivery.ca and make sure you’ve got your liquor, beer, and wine all ordered directly to your door in advance of that glorious collective day off coming up in Canada on July 1st. 


Once you’ve done that, here’s how to make the perfect BeerGarita. If you get hungry by the time you’re sipping on your first successful cocktail, our drunken sommelier, Steven, has tossed in a simple recipe for carnitas tacos (because tacos are Canada’s national dish, right?) at the end to turn this tutorial into a full-blown party. 


The Perfect BeerGarita


The Perfect BeerGarita starts by making a perfect margarita. After that, you simply add as much or as little Modelo Especial or your beer of choice to the cocktail and party on, Wayne. 


The Margarita: 


What you’ll need:


• 1oz 1800 Silver Tequila 

• .5oz Grand Marnier

• 1 large lime or 2 small-medium limes

• Coarse Sea Salt

• Martini Shaker

• Ice


1. Fill the glass you will use to consume the margarita to the brim with ice and pour the ice into the martini shaker. 

2. Cut your lime(s) in half and rub the flesh of the lime around the rim of the glass.

3. Dip the rim of the glass, holding it upside down, into a bowl of coarse sea salt.

4. Squeeze your lime(s) into the martini shaker. 

5. Add 1oz of 1800 Tequila Silver into the martini shaker.

6. Add .5oz of Grand Marnier into the martini shaker.

7. Place the lid securely on the shaker and shake vigorously.

8. When you think you’re done shaking, shake a little more.

9. Remove the lid of the martini shaker and pour the perfect margarita into the salted-rim glass.

10. Pop the cap on an ice-cold Modelo Especial and add a little beer to the margarita. 

11. Find someone to drink the beer while it’s fresh and enjoy your Perfect BeerGarita! 



Easy Tacos Carnitas


After a few BeerGaritas, you’ll need a snack. Here’s an easy way to make slow-roasted pork (carnitas) tacos in advance of your party. 


What you’ll need:


 Pork Shoulder roast

• Soft taco shells

• Avocado

• Limes

• Sour Cream 

• Chipotle Peppers

• Cheese for garnish (optional) 

• Sea Salt

• Pepper




1. Set your oven to 375* degrees Farenheit.

2. Place pork shoulder roast in a roasting dish.

3. Salt pork generously and fire it into the oven.

4. After an hour or so (don’t sweat the time too much), reduce the heat to 275* degrees Farenheit. 

5. Leave pork cooking for 3-4 hours minimum. 

6. Remove pork from oven. It should come apart quite easily when torn and sliced.

7. Shred pork shoulder manually with a couple of forks and a knife if necessary. 

8. Season pork with sea salt & plenty of pepper to taste. 




1. Slice ripe avocados up and remove from shell into mixing bowl.

2. Squeeze one or two limes into the bowl.

3. Season generously with salt & pepper.

4. Crush avocados with a fork until mashed thoroughly and use to garnish each taco.


Taco Shells


1. Either using BBQ or skillet, briefly warm tacos on either side for 15-20 seconds or so.

2. Layout a wide sheet of tinfoil on a plate and place taco shells in a pile once warmed. 

3. Close tinfoil over tacos to keep warm. 


Chipotle Crema 


1. Simply add the canned chipotle peppers to the sour cream and mix thoroughly.

2. Garnish each taco with your custom chipotle crema!


Enjoy your tacos and BeerGaritas!



See more recipes and drink ideas at www.tagdelivery.ca

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