Punch Up Your BC Day Weekend With These 3 Bevvies

Punch Up Your BC Day Weekend With These 3 Bevvies

This is it. We’re here in the height of it. The August Long Weekend is upon us. We’ve now been bitching about the heat for almost two months, yet we’re holding on to the last stretch of summer for dear life until we start bitching about the rain again.


Here’s an idea: let’s stop bitching and grab the last month of Summer 2021 by the pineapples. We’ve squandered enough fun over the past two years, and dare we say, it’s high time for a few weeks of living dangerously. 


And drinking deliciously.


For many of us, vacations have come few and far between over the past 18 months. Indeed, it’s a sad, sad situation. Which is why we’re here to remind you that if you do a little digging, some of the best spots to get away to for a cocktail or a glass of wine are right here in our own backyard: Beautiful. British. Columbia. 


Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for the key imbibes that will make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean, the South of France, or California. Just hit up www.tagdelivery.ca to claim the following sauces in advance of the BC Day Long Weekend.


And without further ado (there’s been too much ado lately), here are a few ideas from our resident lush & (very) Drunken Sommelier™, Steven Lane: 


Black Bear Spiced Honey Rum - DEVINE Distillery & Winery - Victoria - $60.90

 Follow along here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkfiqTivE38

Gone are the days when we relied on the corporate yoke of that little footstool occupied by the Captain™ to satisfy our Spiced Rum needs. Hey, Cappy, we’ve figured out how to do this on our own now. Really, really well, in fact. It’s all about this rum made from honey, hailing from none other than Vancouver Island. There are no vikings, no dungeons and dragons, no harrowing recollections of mead; rather, it’s just pure exotic magic in a bottle. Our horse-whispering mixologist, Steven, has also gone ahead and crafted a Spiced Rum Punch™ recipe so foolproof, even you could make it. Here’s how it goes:


• 1oz Black Bear Spiced Honey Rum 

• 1oz Pineapple Juice 

• Juice 1 Freshly Squeezed Lime

• Shake ingredients vigorously in a martini shaker

• Pour over ice

• Top off with Ginger Beer of choice to taste

• Garnish with Pineapple cube & Pinch of Ground Clove 


Let your friends see you with one of these in your hand and you’ll be giving them out like Oprah gives out cars. 


We’re jammin’, Bob.



Culmina Winery - R&D Series - Okanagan Valley


Rosé - $24.11 (sale)


Red Blend - $28.90 (sale) 


It’s not a BC Day in BC without a little BC wine, dont-cha-know? Some know Donald Triggs for his name as the latter part of the Jackson-Triggs duo (they’re no Hall & Oates, that’s for sure!), but many might not be familiar with the exceptional “retirement” project he created in Culmina. The R&D line from Culmina stands for “Ronald & Donald” the names of the Triggs brothers, pictured on the label, and is a play on words for “Research & Development”, which the winery suggests each individual who grabs a bottle of these wines should most definitely participate in (if you know what I mean…). 


The Rosé is an absolute classic. Dry, whispers of strawberry and rhubarb, you may even find yourself having hallucinations of a bikini-clad Brigitte Bardot (Present day or 1963; whatever floats your boat!) sunbathing on the beaches of Provence. 


The Red Blend delivers boldness, muscle, and punch, with ripe dark fruit and steak-friendly structure. You may have visions of tanned Ken-doll types named Ken with sandy hair and six-packs-a-flexing pouring you 14oz glasses (that’s more than half the bottle) of this as the waves crash in on a California sunset. Simply put: sublime. 


Let these luscious liquids be a reminder to you to stay cool, stay hot, and stay local with your BC Day Long Weekend choices. (Sleepy?) Joe Biden said it best: It benefits everyone, hurts no one, and guess what? 


It grows the economy.


Cheers from the entire TAG Team!

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