These 6 Wines Will Make Mom’s Jaw Drop

These 6 Wines Will Make Mom’s Jaw Drop

It seems wrong that Mother’s Day only comes once a year, especially when you consider the fact that the entire world has been built on mothers everywhere looking out for us, cleaning up our messes, and forcing us to nourish ourselves so we can try as we might to carry on as functioning members of society. It’s tough out there, folks!


While it should go without saying, it’s important to recognize the decades of under-appreciated labour and toil that your mother has put into making sure you’ve had a fighting chance in life. And what does every mother (including yours) need to kick back for a few minutes and feel appreciated? 


Wine. Your mother needs wine. And you are going to be the one to make sure she has it. So without further ado, here are a couple o’ tips on which bottles to snag for lil’ mama this Mother’s Day. Better yet, if your situation dictates that you can’t be with mom physically this year (again…you know, this damn virus thingy…sigh), you can order these wines online at and have them delivered right to her door. Because no mother anywhere should ever attempt to dial up Zoom or Skype or FaceTime without a big, fat glass of vino in their hand. 


Tell mom you love her with one of the following recommendations from TAG Liquor Stores’ Certified Drunken Sommelier™, Steven Lane. Dial up your liquor delivery online at now to ensure mommy gets the medicine on time!


1. Veuve Clicquot - Champagne, France


Few figures throughout history have truly embodied the definition of “girl power” the way Madame Clicquot did in her day. It’s entirely possible that after being widowed at 27 (veuve is French for widow), taking over the operations of Champagne production and building Veuve Clicquot into the grandest, biggest Champagne house in history, she actually invented the term “girl power”. Everybody knows how to celebrate with Champagne, and honouring the woman who raised you by paying homage to Madame Clicquot and bringing mom a bottle of the Cadillac of Champagne is the absolute best way for you to show her you love her and that you are sorry for throwing that party back in high school and breaking her favourite vase. 


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2. Bottega Gold Prosecco - Veneto, Italy


Perhaps your mother is the type that prefers la dolce vita over a little joie de vivre, and if so, you can slide right over from France down to northeastern Italy and treat her to some Prosecco that is literally solid gold. Prosecco has been surging in popularity for years now with no signs of slowing down, not just because it’s a little easier on the wallet than its French counterpart, but also because some prefer the flavour profile which is generally a little more fun & fruity than the dry, lean character of Champagne. This Prosecco specifically delivers notes of delectable and pretty things like white peaches and fresh-cut lilies. Mamas are gold, and it’s time you started treating her like it with a nice bottle of Bottega Gold Prosecco. 


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3. Mt. Boucherie Pinot Gris - Okanagan Valley


One of the best parts about Mother’s Day is the full bloom of springtime that comes with some warmer weather. To complete the mood, we like to see a little pink in our glass. Scratch that. We like to see a LOT of pink in our glass. Before we get to the more traditional rosé crowd in a minute, we’ll amuse our bouches first with the juicy Pinot Gris from stalwart Okanagan Valley producer, the esteemed Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery. With an ever-so-delicate pinkish hue, this Pinot Gris will most certainly tickle mom’s fancy with notes of stone fruit and spice. Perhaps if you’re lucky, big momma will share a little with you to wash down the elaborate brunch you’ll be preparing, and maybe splash little more around to get you through the dishes afterward.


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4. Saintly Rosé - Okanagan Valley


Our mom loves herself a little yacht rock (nothin’ like those Doobie Brothers!) and while we’ve been saving our pennies for years to buy her the actual yacht, there’s no reason we can’t stock the fridge with rosé, throw a cream knit Polo™ sweater around our shoulders, and salute mom as the captain of our ship. Saintly Rosé is refreshingly refreshing (to emphasize its refreshability) calling up feelings of the South of France, whether you’ve been there or not. Delicate whispers of strawberries and iced rose petals (it just sounded nice, alright?) make this a sure thing to please and give mom that extra bit of courage to steer the family floatation device in the right direction, regardless of how many backseat sailors are at the table. Ride, Captain Mama, ride. 


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5. One Faith Rosé - Okanagan Valley


Though imbibe she may, mother may be the type who likes to keep her cards close to her chest, never playing her hand on how many glasses she’s actually had. This means that traditional red wine is out, since this mom doesn’t appreciate those stained lips that might let on how much fun she’s actually having. Not to worry. One Faith Rosé, while being a fabulously chillable refreshment nonetheless, is made in a style that extracts a little more from those deliciously ripe grapes grown in the South Okanagan, giving the wine a more colourful and more complex flavour profile that can easily stand up to the epic barbecue feast you’ve been smoking and marinating for days with supermom in mind. Think flavours of rhubarb, lilac, and hell, even a little salted taffy thrown in for good measure and a little sweetness on the finish to make sure the special lady is taken care of. 


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6. Upshot Red by Rodney Strong - Sonoma County, California


If you thought that we thought that you thought that we were so out to lunch that we just assumed that Mother’s Day was nothing but a pink & bubbly circus, well, you thought wrong. Mama needs red wine, too, because when she’s got that perfectly grilled, medium rare hunk of prime filet that you so lovingly prepared staring up at her from the plate, she’s gonna need something substantial to rinse it with. Enter Upshot, a smooth, slick, sumptuous and spicy blend of Zinfandel, Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Merlot. Brambly black fruit and dark cherries abound. So, pull out a chair for mom, fire up that BBQ, and start filling that sweet little lady’s glass. Like, yesterday. 


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