Hester Creek Cabernet Merlot 3L Box


ABV: Deposit: .10

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The 2018 growing season was one of the most tumultuous in the last 20 years, with Growing Degree Days (GDD) totaling 1575, essentially at the 10 year average, however the year was anything but average. The season started slowly with cool spring temperatures delaying our typical budbreak. This was followed by rapid, record setting heat in late April and May with growth going into overdrive and thus flowering occurring earlier than usual. Dry conditions during flowering brought an excellent fruit set with heavy, though well-balanced, bunch development. The early summer months were quite typical for the Okanagan – warm and dry. However, a cool, early fall slowed ripening down. The cooler than normal autumn temperatures allowed grape maturity to finish with elegant acidity, great complexity and fantastic flavour development. With conditions varying considerably throughout the year, viticulturalists needed to adapt management practices quickly, to ensure 2018 would be an exceptional year.

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