Black Fly Watermelon Gin Soda Fizz 6 Pack Cans


ABV: Deposit: .60

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GIN is IN! This unique GIN SODA Mixer pack, packs 3 delicious flavours; Black Fly’s best-selling GIN SODA Fizz Grapefruit, New Mango & New Watermelon. No need to compromise taste for light. Enjoy the delicious fresh taste of real tart grapefruit juice, tropical mango juice, and mouth-watering watermelon, blended with refreshing soda and the bright taste of 6% GIN. Light and fresh with more flavour and taste than traditional seltzers and sodas.

Buy this ready to drink gin fizz for yourself or send it as a gift and enjoy the convenience of delivery! TAG Liquor Stores is here for all your alcohol delivery needs!

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