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Plantation Distillery Barbados 2011 Limited Edition Rum 750ml

Plantation Distillery Barbados 2011 Limited Edition Rum 750ml

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Plantation Barbados 2011 derives from the birthplace of rum, the Caribbean island of Barbados where rum production began back in 1621. The West Indies rum Distillery (WIRD) created in 1893 and located on a gorgeous beach with pristine turquoise waters, produces exceptional Barbadian rum, with this brand-new release being a cut above with only 24 casks produced.

This rum sparked especially keen interest from both Alexandre Gabriel and the WIRD master distiller, Don Benn who has worked at the distillery for over 22 years and considers each barrels their babies. Barbados 2011 stands out due to its unique journey of almost forgotten solitude to a period of intense movement inside the barrels.

Our Rum rests in American Oak bourbon barrels for 4,5 years in Barbados, in a part of the distillery known as the ‘no man’s land’. This rarely visited part of the distillery, out of the pathway is a secret place only known by the master distiller and the master blender since the distillery’s creation.

The barrels once selected from this secret garden, take on a journey through the ocean waves to their final destination at the Ferrand cellars in the Cognac region where they rest for an additional 4.5 years before reaching their peak state and unveiled for the world to enjoy.

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