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Slipknot No. 9 Small Batch Iowa Whiskey 750ml

Slipknot No. 9 Small Batch Iowa Whiskey 750ml

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Much-loved heavy metal band Slipknot has teamed up with Cedar Ridge Distillery to create Slipknot No.9 Whiskey! Blended by Slipknot's very own Shawn "Clown" Crahan, the whiskey features Iowa corn as well as a helping of rye, which brings a kick of spice to the fore. Both Slipknot and Cedar Ridge hail from Iowa, and judging by the whiskey they've made together, they seem like a fantastic fit. With that in mind, listen to Slipknot's Iowa album, pour yourself a glass and enjoy!

FARM-TO-TABLE made with Iowa corn from Cedar Ridge’s family farm.

SWEET & SPICY due to the amount of corn and rye in the mashbill, 56% corn, 36% rye and 8% malted barley.

BOLD FLAVOUR finishing these expressions at higher 90/99 proofs, lead to more robust, complex sipping whiskeys.

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